6 Basic Rules To Make Your Curtains Look Great!

6 basic rules to make your curtains look great!

Many of my Clients often ask me: “Why don’t my curtains look beautiful?”. In most cases, I realize that either their curtain makers or they themselves did not follow of one or more of these following rules:

  1. Matching Colours: Take into consideration the colours of the floor/ carpet, wall and main interior items while selecting the fabrics. The colours of your curtains should harmonize with the main colour scheme of the room. Unless you really like a colourful room, I would advise not to use more than 3 main colours (excluding black or white). Otherwise the interior will look complicated.

Unmatched Colour Scheme & Concept         Matching Colour Scheme & Concept

  1. Matching Design Concept: Determine the design concept (e.g. classic, modern) first before choosing curtain style as you need to match curtain style with the interior design theme. For example, classical curtain style with swags and tails would definitely look odd and out of place in a modern interior with sleek leather sofa set.
  1. Uncluttered & Clean Look: Always try to keep the interior looks uncluttered and clean. Remember to stick to the theme you love. Change all the items that do not match your design theme. Remove all the excessive items and keep the room simple and the theme focused.

 Cluttered Interior                                                              Clean & Stylish Interior

  1. Tall is Better: Use tall curtains up to the ceiling instead of short curtain as far as possible, as they will make the room look grand and beautiful.

Short Curtain                                                                          Tall Curtain

  1. Higher & Wider: Unless you have a space limitation, you should make your curtain higher and wider if possible.

6. Cover the hardware: You should cover the curtain tracks with pelmets/ valances. Exposing the hardware makes the curtains look ‘unfinished’. If you cannot cover the hardware due to space constraint or the air-condition unit on top of the window, you can use curtain rods instead of tracks.

Track Covered                                                     Use Rod When Hardware Exposed

  1. Appropriately Trimmed: Use trimmings to embellish the curtains and to enhance the style. But be careful – don’t overdo it. Over-trimmed is not only a waste of money but will also make curtain look heavy and complicated.

Over-Trimmed Curtain                                            Appropriately Trimmed Curtain

In short, the principles of dressing up a window are pretty similar to dressing up a person. You must dress according to your body structure, your skin colour, your hair style and your personality in order to look beautiful and elegant. You may make up a little or add some accessories, but never overdo it.

Need more inspiration on curtains? Check out our vast selection of fabrics, styles and colours.


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