Do Blinds or Curtains Suit My Home More?

Blinds or curtains? Which one is better for my home? This is an oft-asked question and here are the answers and tips. Read on!

We know that blinds are very functional and practical as window treatments (see blog-6 for awesome reasons to use blinds). However, they have some limitations compared to curtains.

Limitation #1 – Style: Although blinds are more colourful and trendy than before, they pale in comparison with curtains in terms of style, pattern, design, and color. For instance, curtains can easily create different ambiance such as country, formal, opulent, classic, romantic, nursery; whereas blinds are limited to clean, contemporary and minimalist styles only.

Limitation #2 – Width and Height. Blinds are generally limited in terms of width and height compared to curtains. The maximum width and height for blinds is usually about 3m x 3m, but with curtains, the size can be double in the very least.

Limitation #3 – Privacy protection. Blinds such as Vertical and Venetian  cannot block out sunlight completely because the gap between roller blinds. This may allow for prying eyes, but for curtains made of blackout fabrics, can easily provide 100% privacy protection.

Limitation #4 – Operation. Blinds may block the opening of your window or sliding doors, causing inconvenience each time they are opened and closed as we need to raise the blinds up to do that.

Limitation #5 – Light Control. Blinds might encounter problems with light control with “L” shaped or  wall-to-wall glass windows. This is because it cannot be bent. However, with curtains, tracks can be bent to fit into the physical structures.

Better Solution: Blinds and Curtains Combination

Both blinds and curtains have their own pros and cons when it comes to light control, privacy protection, styles and costs. Depending on what you need, they can work well alone or in some cases, a combination of both produces much better results in meeting your functional goals and aesthetic preferences. For instance, you can  combine a roller blind that gives sun protection in day with draperies that can be closed for maximum privacy in the evening.

Curtains can also be added to soften the ‘hardness’ of blinds making them more homelike. On the other hand, you can dress up a blind by adding a top treatment such as valance and pelmet to match or enhance the style of the home interiors.

Some useful tips:

  • Blinds are more suitable for the study room, kitchen, bathrooms and spaces that require less privacy protection.
  • Blinds are recommended for commercial and office windows because of their modern look and low maintenance.
  • Curtains are more flexible and suitable for most homes because it is great in creating mood, expressing personal style and to match specific interior design themes.
  • Curtains are a better option for double-height, special shaped (‘L’ ‘U’ or bow) windows and master bedroom where privacy protection and personal style are important to you.

Need help or more advice on choosing curtains or blinds? Talk to us and let us walk you through to pick the right combination.


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