6 Awesome Reasons To Use Blinds

Blinds are becoming more popular!

For the past twenty years, I have seen a lot of changes in the world of window dressing. One of the big changes is the fast emerging and popularity of blinds. Of course, it is an inevitable trend due to good reasons.

Today, interior decoration trend around the world is all about being minimalist and contemporary. Window dressing is moving towards ‘modern simplicity’ – a simple philosophy that combines high functionality and easy maintenance. The current economic downturn or slowdown happening worldwide has led people to evaluate their lifestyle and to do away with excesses. Many people, especially the younger generation prefer ‘casual lifestyle’, where they choose blinds over curtains to match their modern living style.

6 Awesome Reasons Why Blinds Are Awesome! 

Reason #1: lower costs. Blinds are highly functional yet inexpensive. They are generally cheaper than curtains in terms of price per sq ft for material usage, installation and maintenance.

Reason #2: modern and clean look. Comes with a wide variety of designs, they are simple and modern, fitting well with most contemporary interiors.

Reason #3: maximum light control. Blinds made of blackout materials can block sunlight almost completely when they are closed. When raised, they practically disappear, making them an excellent option of light control whenever you want to block sunlight or need a gorgeous view of the garden. That’s why blinds are especially popular in restaurants or hotel lobbies where a great view is important.

Reason #4: suitable for wet areas. For bathrooms and kitchen windows, wet areas are a great reason to use blinds. Just pull them up to avoid contact with splashing water, while maintaining a crisp, clean look.

Reason #5: easy to maintain. Blinds are heaven sent when it comes to cleaning. Compared to conventional curtains, they are much easy, and less costly to maintain. They can be vacuum cleaned instead of having them professionally washed or dry-cleaned.

Reason #6: practical for large commercial areas. Blinds are excellent for large areas such as large glass walls, atrium, and conference rooms. They are modern looking, easy to maintain and cost less.

There you have it. 6 awesome reasons why you should use blinds for your home.

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