Mobile Curtain Showroom That Solves Your Dilemma

Buying curtains at your own leisure and comfort.

I’m extremely glad and surprised to see nearly 160,000 views for the recently launched video about Elyza’s Mobile Showroom (EMS) in less than 2 weeks on the Facebook of Sinar Harian, Youtube Sinar TV,  Impiana and Elyza’s. It has also gotten over 3,200 Likes, 1,284 shares and 232 comments so far. However, some viewers might have misunderstood the meaning of the video, and I would like to explain further. The main idea of this ‘micro drama’ clip was not merely to introduce the new Elyza’s Mobile Showroom (EMS) service but also to show our concern on two current major social problems:

  • the widening social gap between the younger generation with their parents
  • the rising conflict due to a stressful and busy city lifestyle

Ironically, when we are more ‘connected’ to the digital world, we are less ‘attached’ to our friends and loved ones in the real world.

In this video, a busy, quick-tempered and workaholic city girl Nina hardly had the time to visit her lonely mother. So when she found the time for a brief, fleeting visit, Mak Jah naturally seized the opportunity to get Nina to accompany her to shop for curtains together. But alas, Mak Jah was sad and disappointed when Nina was not able to fulfill her request and left her without saying good-bye.

On the other hand, Nina was torn between her career and family. Conflict arose when she had to be back to office to solve some urgent matters even though she knew she should spend more time with Mak Jah. Nina was struggling with a dilemma; she knew family should come first, but she also has her commitment and responsibility at work.

At last, when Nina saw Elyza’s Mobile Showroom passed by, she had the idea to make up her promise by arranging the mobile showroom to make new curtains for Mak Jah as a token of her love and care. Mak Jah was very happy when she saw Nina come back to see her again. Not only because of the gift she received, but more so, the care and love shown by her daughter.

‘Nina’ is only a typical example. Many of us in the city are like Nina. Leading a very hectic and demanding lifestyle, chasing career, running daily routine – we hardly have time for ourselves or our loved ones.

For those who have busy schedules, buying window dressings can be a daunting task. Driving through a massive traffic jam, finding parking lot, spending hours at the store selecting fabrics and styles; not to mention petrol, toll fees, parking fees, bad weather, worrying of street crime….it sounds as tiring as climbing up Mount Kinabalu!

Hence, the purpose of providing the EMS service is to make buying curtains very convenient for people like Nina. Elyza’s Mobile Showroom (EMS) brings the showroom to your door steps at your convenience so that you have more time with yourself and family. But that is not all. By bringing a large range of samples, you can touch and feel the actual window dressing products (fabrics, blinds and track systems), select fabrics, mix and match colours, designs and texture, feature them on your windows – all at the comfort of your own home or place There is absolutely no guesswork in finding what matches or doesn’t.

So the next time you find yourself in Nina’s situation, just pick up the phone and let us worry about the traffic and the hassle while you can spend time with your loved ones. In case you missed, here’s the video again.

Click here to book for EMS service! 


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