Pelmets: Give Your Windows A Magic Touch

No budget for a brand new curtain? Have a curtain in the wrong colour? Have blinds that don’t stand out?  Let the magic touch of pelmets help you! 


Pelmets, sometimes known as ‘cornices’, are used to hide drapery hardware (curtain rods or tracks) and to add a decorative element to your window treatments.

There are two types of pelmets for you to choose from:

  • hard pelmets which are made from wood or similar materials;
  • soft pelmets which are made from stiff lining materials.


The great thing about pelmets is that the choices are wide-ranging. From padded to upholstered, from pleated to trimmed with fringes and tassels, you’re bound to find one that fits your taste. Mix and match a variety of shapes, sizes, fabrics and trimmings – you’re only limited by your own creativity and imagination!

Many people have a wrong perception that pelmet is an old-fashion and costly curtain style. However, in the interior design world, what was old can always be fashionable again. In fact pelmets are making a comeback as a trendy and practical interior design element. With the right materials, designs and colours, they fit perfectly and look stunning even for modern contemporary homes.

The magic touch of pelmet in window dressing works like a nice hat to a pair of simple t-shirt and jeans, creating a stylish look that stands out from the crowd easily.

How Pelmet can Save Your Money?

Let me show you an example how pelmets can create stunning effects and help save money for home furnishings.

If you are bored with your old curtain (picture 1), just add a new pelmet with a classical design on top and change the cushion (picture 2). See how just a simple move can lift your space and freshen it a few notches up.

Once you’re sufficiently bored with that, you can spruce up the look by changing the a new pelmet and the cushion again (picture 3). In fact, if you have more to spend, you can even change the design concept from Classic to Country by reupholstering the room chair and adding new tablecloth (picture 4).

Your cost for this simple make over? Only the pelmet and cushion. A simple yet effective makeover, it is even better than buying a brand new set of curtains. Of course, if your budget allows for higher value fabrics such as silks and velvets, plus trimmings with nice fringes, you can turn the old curtain into a gorgeous and high-end focal point for the room.

With a little innovation and some creative ideas, mix and match of designs, colour and textures, pelmet can help you to create dramatic effects and magical wonders for your windows and home interiors within your budget.

So if you have a small budget but would like to get a ‘wow’ gasp from your visitors, try pelmets!

See more pelmets and window dressing styles at


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