Be Smart to Preview!

Are the new designs and colours suitable for my living hall? Would the new curtains match the interiors and design concept of my house? Would the makeover result look beautiful? And so on….


These are some of the doubts and worries we commonly have whenever it comes to redecorate or refurbish our home. We are all afraid of making wrong decisions that might ruin the entire decoration of our home, not to mention wasting money and efforts. The worse is that, you might have to bear with the mistakes for years.

In many cases, if you buy curtains from a curtain shop, the salesperson usually proposes some curtain patterns from books or magazines, or displays in the showroom, and then dazzles you with a mountain of sample books. You are pushed to make decisions basing on the embellished descriptions of the salesperson and your vague imagination. Trust me, unless you’re lucky, chances are you wouldn’t get what you desire for with the money you paid!

Unless you are trained, or have substantial knowledge about interior design and window dressing, it would be very difficult for you to imagine and decide which curtain styles, colours, designs and fabrics work best for your home.

Knowing these problems long and well enough, we have developed our own software–EASSY-DÉCOR (Elyza’s Advanced Soft-furnishing System) to minimize the risks. This special software allows our customers to have a 3D preview of the makeover result even before buying thus taking out all the guesswork and reducing costly mistakes in their home makeover projects.

5.2.06-before 5.2.07-EDPS OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you buy a car, you would test drive it to check its performance. If you buy a sofa set, you would test sit on it to feel the comfort level, if you buy a dress you would try it on to see if it fits you right. What about buying curtains or blinds? Shouldn’t we preview them before purchasing?

As a professional, I usually advise my clients to preview the result before committing the order to avoid any frustration later. Moreover this  exclusive service is given free of charge to our customers by all the Elyza’s concept stores!

It’s always smart to preview before buying the window dressings for your home. In fact, it’s the right way to ensure your investments are worthwhile and  to avoid unwanted surprises. It’s also your basic right as a consumer. Don’t you agree?

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