6 Basic Rules To Make Your Curtains Look Great!

6 basic rules to make your curtains look great!

Many of my Clients often ask me: “Why don’t my curtains look beautiful?”. In most cases, I realize that either their curtain makers or they themselves did not follow of one or more of these following rules:

  1. Matching Colours: Take into consideration the colours of the floor/ carpet, wall and main interior items while selecting the fabrics. The colours of your curtains should harmonize with the main colour scheme of the room. Unless you really like a colourful room, I would advise not to use more than 3 main colours (excluding black or white). Otherwise the interior will look complicated.

Unmatched Colour Scheme & Concept         Matching Colour Scheme & Concept

  1. Matching Design Concept: Determine the design concept (e.g. classic, modern) first before choosing curtain style as you need to match curtain style with the interior design theme. For example, classical curtain style with swags and tails would definitely look odd and out of place in a modern interior with sleek leather sofa set.
  1. Uncluttered & Clean Look: Always try to keep the interior looks uncluttered and clean. Remember to stick to the theme you love. Change all the items that do not match your design theme. Remove all the excessive items and keep the room simple and the theme focused.

 Cluttered Interior                                                              Clean & Stylish Interior

  1. Tall is Better: Use tall curtains up to the ceiling instead of short curtain as far as possible, as they will make the room look grand and beautiful.

Short Curtain                                                                          Tall Curtain

  1. Higher & Wider: Unless you have a space limitation, you should make your curtain higher and wider if possible.

6. Cover the hardware: You should cover the curtain tracks with pelmets/ valances. Exposing the hardware makes the curtains look ‘unfinished’. If you cannot cover the hardware due to space constraint or the air-condition unit on top of the window, you can use curtain rods instead of tracks.

Track Covered                                                     Use Rod When Hardware Exposed

  1. Appropriately Trimmed: Use trimmings to embellish the curtains and to enhance the style. But be careful – don’t overdo it. Over-trimmed is not only a waste of money but will also make curtain look heavy and complicated.

Over-Trimmed Curtain                                            Appropriately Trimmed Curtain

In short, the principles of dressing up a window are pretty similar to dressing up a person. You must dress according to your body structure, your skin colour, your hair style and your personality in order to look beautiful and elegant. You may make up a little or add some accessories, but never overdo it.

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Do Blinds or Curtains Suit My Home More?

Blinds or curtains? Which one is better for my home? This is an oft-asked question and here are the answers and tips. Read on!

We know that blinds are very functional and practical as window treatments (see blog-6 for awesome reasons to use blinds). However, they have some limitations compared to curtains.

Limitation #1 – Style: Although blinds are more colourful and trendy than before, they pale in comparison with curtains in terms of style, pattern, design, and color. For instance, curtains can easily create different ambiance such as country, formal, opulent, classic, romantic, nursery; whereas blinds are limited to clean, contemporary and minimalist styles only.

Limitation #2 – Width and Height. Blinds are generally limited in terms of width and height compared to curtains. The maximum width and height for blinds is usually about 3m x 3m, but with curtains, the size can be double in the very least.

Limitation #3 – Privacy protection. Blinds such as Vertical and Venetian  cannot block out sunlight completely because the gap between roller blinds. This may allow for prying eyes, but for curtains made of blackout fabrics, can easily provide 100% privacy protection.

Limitation #4 – Operation. Blinds may block the opening of your window or sliding doors, causing inconvenience each time they are opened and closed as we need to raise the blinds up to do that.

Limitation #5 – Light Control. Blinds might encounter problems with light control with “L” shaped or  wall-to-wall glass windows. This is because it cannot be bent. However, with curtains, tracks can be bent to fit into the physical structures.

Better Solution: Blinds and Curtains Combination

Both blinds and curtains have their own pros and cons when it comes to light control, privacy protection, styles and costs. Depending on what you need, they can work well alone or in some cases, a combination of both produces much better results in meeting your functional goals and aesthetic preferences. For instance, you can  combine a roller blind that gives sun protection in day with draperies that can be closed for maximum privacy in the evening.

Curtains can also be added to soften the ‘hardness’ of blinds making them more homelike. On the other hand, you can dress up a blind by adding a top treatment such as valance and pelmet to match or enhance the style of the home interiors.

Some useful tips:

  • Blinds are more suitable for the study room, kitchen, bathrooms and spaces that require less privacy protection.
  • Blinds are recommended for commercial and office windows because of their modern look and low maintenance.
  • Curtains are more flexible and suitable for most homes because it is great in creating mood, expressing personal style and to match specific interior design themes.
  • Curtains are a better option for double-height, special shaped (‘L’ ‘U’ or bow) windows and master bedroom where privacy protection and personal style are important to you.

Need help or more advice on choosing curtains or blinds? Talk to us and let us walk you through to pick the right combination.

6 Awesome Reasons To Use Blinds

Blinds are becoming more popular!

For the past twenty years, I have seen a lot of changes in the world of window dressing. One of the big changes is the fast emerging and popularity of blinds. Of course, it is an inevitable trend due to good reasons.

Today, interior decoration trend around the world is all about being minimalist and contemporary. Window dressing is moving towards ‘modern simplicity’ – a simple philosophy that combines high functionality and easy maintenance. The current economic downturn or slowdown happening worldwide has led people to evaluate their lifestyle and to do away with excesses. Many people, especially the younger generation prefer ‘casual lifestyle’, where they choose blinds over curtains to match their modern living style.

6 Awesome Reasons Why Blinds Are Awesome! 

Reason #1: lower costs. Blinds are highly functional yet inexpensive. They are generally cheaper than curtains in terms of price per sq ft for material usage, installation and maintenance.

Reason #2: modern and clean look. Comes with a wide variety of designs, they are simple and modern, fitting well with most contemporary interiors.

Reason #3: maximum light control. Blinds made of blackout materials can block sunlight almost completely when they are closed. When raised, they practically disappear, making them an excellent option of light control whenever you want to block sunlight or need a gorgeous view of the garden. That’s why blinds are especially popular in restaurants or hotel lobbies where a great view is important.

Reason #4: suitable for wet areas. For bathrooms and kitchen windows, wet areas are a great reason to use blinds. Just pull them up to avoid contact with splashing water, while maintaining a crisp, clean look.

Reason #5: easy to maintain. Blinds are heaven sent when it comes to cleaning. Compared to conventional curtains, they are much easy, and less costly to maintain. They can be vacuum cleaned instead of having them professionally washed or dry-cleaned.

Reason #6: practical for large commercial areas. Blinds are excellent for large areas such as large glass walls, atrium, and conference rooms. They are modern looking, easy to maintain and cost less.

There you have it. 6 awesome reasons why you should use blinds for your home.

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Mobile Curtain Showroom That Solves Your Dilemma

Buying curtains at your own leisure and comfort.

I’m extremely glad and surprised to see nearly 160,000 views for the recently launched video about Elyza’s Mobile Showroom (EMS) in less than 2 weeks on the Facebook of Sinar Harian, Youtube Sinar TV,  Impiana and Elyza’s. It has also gotten over 3,200 Likes, 1,284 shares and 232 comments so far. However, some viewers might have misunderstood the meaning of the video, and I would like to explain further. The main idea of this ‘micro drama’ clip was not merely to introduce the new Elyza’s Mobile Showroom (EMS) service but also to show our concern on two current major social problems:

  • the widening social gap between the younger generation with their parents
  • the rising conflict due to a stressful and busy city lifestyle

Ironically, when we are more ‘connected’ to the digital world, we are less ‘attached’ to our friends and loved ones in the real world.

In this video, a busy, quick-tempered and workaholic city girl Nina hardly had the time to visit her lonely mother. So when she found the time for a brief, fleeting visit, Mak Jah naturally seized the opportunity to get Nina to accompany her to shop for curtains together. But alas, Mak Jah was sad and disappointed when Nina was not able to fulfill her request and left her without saying good-bye.

On the other hand, Nina was torn between her career and family. Conflict arose when she had to be back to office to solve some urgent matters even though she knew she should spend more time with Mak Jah. Nina was struggling with a dilemma; she knew family should come first, but she also has her commitment and responsibility at work.

At last, when Nina saw Elyza’s Mobile Showroom passed by, she had the idea to make up her promise by arranging the mobile showroom to make new curtains for Mak Jah as a token of her love and care. Mak Jah was very happy when she saw Nina come back to see her again. Not only because of the gift she received, but more so, the care and love shown by her daughter.

‘Nina’ is only a typical example. Many of us in the city are like Nina. Leading a very hectic and demanding lifestyle, chasing career, running daily routine – we hardly have time for ourselves or our loved ones.

For those who have busy schedules, buying window dressings can be a daunting task. Driving through a massive traffic jam, finding parking lot, spending hours at the store selecting fabrics and styles; not to mention petrol, toll fees, parking fees, bad weather, worrying of street crime….it sounds as tiring as climbing up Mount Kinabalu!

Hence, the purpose of providing the EMS service is to make buying curtains very convenient for people like Nina. Elyza’s Mobile Showroom (EMS) brings the showroom to your door steps at your convenience so that you have more time with yourself and family. But that is not all. By bringing a large range of samples, you can touch and feel the actual window dressing products (fabrics, blinds and track systems), select fabrics, mix and match colours, designs and texture, feature them on your windows – all at the comfort of your own home or place There is absolutely no guesswork in finding what matches or doesn’t.

So the next time you find yourself in Nina’s situation, just pick up the phone and let us worry about the traffic and the hassle while you can spend time with your loved ones. In case you missed, here’s the video again.

Click here to book for EMS service! 

Pelmets: Give Your Windows A Magic Touch

No budget for a brand new curtain? Have a curtain in the wrong colour? Have blinds that don’t stand out?  Let the magic touch of pelmets help you! 


Pelmets, sometimes known as ‘cornices’, are used to hide drapery hardware (curtain rods or tracks) and to add a decorative element to your window treatments.

There are two types of pelmets for you to choose from:

  • hard pelmets which are made from wood or similar materials;
  • soft pelmets which are made from stiff lining materials.


The great thing about pelmets is that the choices are wide-ranging. From padded to upholstered, from pleated to trimmed with fringes and tassels, you’re bound to find one that fits your taste. Mix and match a variety of shapes, sizes, fabrics and trimmings – you’re only limited by your own creativity and imagination!

Many people have a wrong perception that pelmet is an old-fashion and costly curtain style. However, in the interior design world, what was old can always be fashionable again. In fact pelmets are making a comeback as a trendy and practical interior design element. With the right materials, designs and colours, they fit perfectly and look stunning even for modern contemporary homes.

The magic touch of pelmet in window dressing works like a nice hat to a pair of simple t-shirt and jeans, creating a stylish look that stands out from the crowd easily.

How Pelmet can Save Your Money?

Let me show you an example how pelmets can create stunning effects and help save money for home furnishings.

If you are bored with your old curtain (picture 1), just add a new pelmet with a classical design on top and change the cushion (picture 2). See how just a simple move can lift your space and freshen it a few notches up.

Once you’re sufficiently bored with that, you can spruce up the look by changing the a new pelmet and the cushion again (picture 3). In fact, if you have more to spend, you can even change the design concept from Classic to Country by reupholstering the room chair and adding new tablecloth (picture 4).

Your cost for this simple make over? Only the pelmet and cushion. A simple yet effective makeover, it is even better than buying a brand new set of curtains. Of course, if your budget allows for higher value fabrics such as silks and velvets, plus trimmings with nice fringes, you can turn the old curtain into a gorgeous and high-end focal point for the room.

With a little innovation and some creative ideas, mix and match of designs, colour and textures, pelmet can help you to create dramatic effects and magical wonders for your windows and home interiors within your budget.

So if you have a small budget but would like to get a ‘wow’ gasp from your visitors, try pelmets!

See more pelmets and window dressing styles at www.elyza.com.

Read This Before Choosing Your Window Dressing

If you find it difficult to choose the right window dressings for your home, the next 5 minutes will help you out.

People often ask me for advice on how to choose the right window dressing. My reply usually varies according to their personal preferences and needs, and I would usually start with “What are your personal preferred styles and colours then?” Just like buying a new dress, style and colour are very personal choices as everyone defines their own preference and taste differently. A professional window dresser shouldn’t exert too much personal influence, but should try to discover and respect you what you really want. You may like window dressing very much, but remember that curtains and blinds often play a secondary role in the entire home interior decoration. They must work well with the interior design theme, flooring, wall colours, furniture and some of the major, prominent decorative objects. An inappropriate window dressing can throw off the entire decorating scheme. For example, traditional style curtains with swags and tails would definitely look odd and weird in a modern chrome-and-leather setting. A good window dressing should co-ordinate with all the home décor elements in order to bring out the design concept and enrich the ambiance as a whole.

Keep these two rules in mind:

  • Select the fabrics and designs that match well with the main colour and the theme of the interiors. If your home has a traditional theme, the fabrics and curtain style should look equally classical. Textures and plain fabrics are often used to make curtains and furnishing items for modern and contemporary interiors. Floral prints, checks and stripe are more suitable for a country look concept. Damask and classic motifs are used for classical interior settings.
  • The colour and style of the curtains should complement and harmonize with the interiors of the room. For instance, roller blinds in textural finish and plain colour are suitable to decorate a study area. For a romantic bedroom, sheer balloon shade with small floral prints would set the right mood.

Other important things to remember:

  • Architecture and types of the window: Size, type, shape and position to sunlight.
  • The functions of the room: What is your room used for? The purpose of the room will determine what sort of window dressing is needed. As an example, a bathroom and a nursery room have their own functions, hence the window dressing would be different.
  • The functions of the window dressing— Ask yourself how you want the window dressing to look and function. The choice of curtains for living room and bedroom will be different when you think of light control and privacy protection. The living room requires less light control and privacy while the bedroom calls for maximum privacy protection and light control.
  • Budget— Ask yourself how much you are willing to spend on window dressing. That usually is also a big factor when choosing window dressing.

At the end of the day, what is most important is how you want your room to look and feel. Don’t restrict yourself too much on a budget because a well-designed, well-made window dressing will go a long way, as it immediately adds character to your living space and makes a statement about who you are. For more ideas of what window dressings suit you, browse through our vast catalogue here.

Be Smart to Preview!

Are the new designs and colours suitable for my living hall? Would the new curtains match the interiors and design concept of my house? Would the makeover result look beautiful? And so on….


These are some of the doubts and worries we commonly have whenever it comes to redecorate or refurbish our home. We are all afraid of making wrong decisions that might ruin the entire decoration of our home, not to mention wasting money and efforts. The worse is that, you might have to bear with the mistakes for years.

In many cases, if you buy curtains from a curtain shop, the salesperson usually proposes some curtain patterns from books or magazines, or displays in the showroom, and then dazzles you with a mountain of sample books. You are pushed to make decisions basing on the embellished descriptions of the salesperson and your vague imagination. Trust me, unless you’re lucky, chances are you wouldn’t get what you desire for with the money you paid!

Unless you are trained, or have substantial knowledge about interior design and window dressing, it would be very difficult for you to imagine and decide which curtain styles, colours, designs and fabrics work best for your home.

Knowing these problems long and well enough, we have developed our own software–EASSY-DÉCOR (Elyza’s Advanced Soft-furnishing System) to minimize the risks. This special software allows our customers to have a 3D preview of the makeover result even before buying thus taking out all the guesswork and reducing costly mistakes in their home makeover projects.

5.2.06-before 5.2.07-EDPS OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you buy a car, you would test drive it to check its performance. If you buy a sofa set, you would test sit on it to feel the comfort level, if you buy a dress you would try it on to see if it fits you right. What about buying curtains or blinds? Shouldn’t we preview them before purchasing?

As a professional, I usually advise my clients to preview the result before committing the order to avoid any frustration later. Moreover this  exclusive service is given free of charge to our customers by all the Elyza’s concept stores!

It’s always smart to preview before buying the window dressings for your home. In fact, it’s the right way to ensure your investments are worthwhile and  to avoid unwanted surprises. It’s also your basic right as a consumer. Don’t you agree?

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